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Well it’s a darn good thing I decided to swatch. Here’s the first one:


The pattern calls for a gauge of 21 sts x 25 rows. Guess what? That’s NOT what I got. (pouty face) Sigh.

I used size US8 needles because frankly I’m a bit of a tight knitter and it’s just SOP for me to go up a needle size almost without even thinking about. For the most part this always seems to work…except it didn’t. I guess maybe the designer knits on the tight side too?

In any case, I’m down to size US7 needles, as indicated in the pattern. I’m hoping this will work. I’m a bit concerned that I’ll get stitch gauge and not row gauge or the reverse. Not quite sure how to deal with that.

I just finished the next one using the other color (balance). It needs to go for a swim, then I’ll measure it out and cross all the things!

Wish me luck!



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I’m in the home stretch! ALMOST done with the Giggles Baby Blanket I am making for a co-worker.

Only about 4 more pattern repeats to go. That’s 32 rows…like I said, only 4 more repeats to go!

I should be able to get this done over the weekend…Monday the latest. Then it’s off to blocking (yea) and weaving in ends (oy)!

Which reminds me, I need to decide on my next project. Hmmm…

Anyway I thought I might give you a little heads-up on something fun that will be coming your way when I finish the blanket: a GIVEAWAY!

Woo Hoo!

I’ll post the details on my blog when I complete Giggles which should be very soon. You don’t want to miss this, the pattern is wonderful! I like it so much I may make one as a lap blanket for myself. LOL

So stay tuned!

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I know, I know I haven’t posted much knitting lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been, believe me I sure have.
Giggle Blanket Cast-OnA few weeks ago I cast on a gift for a co-worker who is having her first child in October. It’s a wonderful pattern by Kate Lemmers, aka knitsophrenic called Giggles Baby Blanket.

I am having such a good time knitting it, if you want a beautiful fun to knit baby blanket I highly recommend this one. Go on, add it to your Ravelry and/or Craftsy queue, you never know.

So the woman I’m knitting Giggles for is one of those people you just can’t help but like. I’ve had this pattern in my library for a while now, waiting for just the right pregnancy announcement (There’s been a bit of a baby bonanza around my office lately…I watch where I sit.) She’s it. However, the fact that she her husband doesn’t want to know the sex of their baby until it’s born almost drove me to drink more. I couldn’t bear the thought of knitting another green or yellow thing, only because I’ve done several projects in those colors recently so I asked for some advice on Twitter about gender-neutral (excluding beige or white) alternatives. Giggles5Repeats
I got great ideas from some uber- talented knitters including Samurai Knitter, Knitsophrenic (she didn’t even know what I was knitting yet, snicker), polkadotsandsun, Johanna_Lynn, Anneduffin and Manos Yarn. I love the suggestion of knitting rich colors for a baby and so I finally settled on purple.

Sigh. I selected a couple of possibilities in that color space and wouldn’t you guess it, I could not find them ANYWHERE!

I tweeted out my frustration and don’t you know Twitter once again came to my rescue. Actually, it was Katie aka @polkadotsandsun who rescued me. She was nice enough to go to her LYS and check on the yarn for me. They had it and she personally shipped it to me. Katie and I have never met. How incredibly sweet was that!? Giggles Blanket Yarn It’s Cascade 220 Superwash Heather in 1947 colorway. It’s a nice rich heather purple. Who would have thought this would be difficult to find, go figure.

I’ve done ten repeats of the pattern so far. Look how pretty! Giggles 10 Repeats

I had some concerns about using non-natural fibers for babies, despite the fact that so many so-called baby yarns contain them. And this is especially true for objects that the little one may sleep in/on/with. I got advice on that from many of the same twitter friends too! So you’d think Choosing Cascade 220 woulda made it an easy find, HA!

Hey, have you noticed how many knitters there are named Kate, Katie, Kathy, Katherine? A lot!

Anyway, I’ll be posting my progress on my Ravelry page and will definitely blog the final photo when it’s done.

Ya know, I think this social media thing is gonna catch on! 🙂

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Well I finally finished my first sock. Actually, I finished it about a week ago I just haven’t had a chance to blog it.

Admittedly it has some issues, despite being a tight-ish knitter, this sock came out a bit looser that I would have expected. Although it does fit:

But considering all the pattern issues and ripping I had to do to get it right, it’s no wonder my knitting was off. I also learned how to use two circular needles. So I’m chalking this one up to a learning experience and moving on.

Turning the heel was way cool. It’s amazing to see how it happens…that it actually worked was even more amazing. 🙂

The toe was easy except for the kitchener part which didn’t come out as good as I had hoped. There’s a little bump that I couldn’t seem to correct, see it at the top?

In any case, I’m fast at work on it’s mate which I can tell you now will not match exactly because it’s knitting up more “normal” for me, that is to say, a bit tighter.

I’ll consider this pair of socks a tutorial and move on. I am looking forward to the next pair already!

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Well I zipped thru the ribbing and stockinette sections of the sock pretty quickly and was excited to begin working on the heel.

** Insert pause for major annoying migraine. **

Though not fully functional yet I decided I was well enough to begin the heel late that afternoon, exciting.

Had I completely had my wits about me I might have noticed the major error in the pattern.

Worse, had I followed my number-one-special-most-important-never-ever-break-it knitting-rule I would have been a witless wonder. But Noooo, I broke that rule and it bit me hard, we won’t discuss where.

Oh the rule you ask:

ALWAYS check for errata when you purchase a knitting book or pattern!

I neglected do that and in my brain fog I didn’t notice the error and continued knitting fat dumb and happy until I finally stopped to look at my handiwork.


After a colorful string of expletives, mostly aimed at me for breaking my number-one-special-most-important-never-ever-break-it knitting-rule, I set my knitting aside to be tinked later that evening.

So people, here we are still at the heel portion of the sock.

Oh well, lessons learned. To be continued…

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Socks Cast On

You know, for someone who likes small projects you’d think I’d be a sock maven by now. Fooled ya!

What’s worse, is that I have this thing about my socks matching my shirt/sweater. Just ask my stepsons, when they were young they used to check to make sure I was properly matched!

Anyway, so I’ve cast on using two circular needles – size US 2 of all things! The yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock in a soft solid yellow.

I was a bit unsure about the join but I found this great video by who else but Cat Bhordi and it totally cleared it up for me. Now I’m off and running.

Stay tuned for updates, I’ve been zipping along at a pretty good pace so there’s more to come soon.

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