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Under Chair

Dassi got thru the surgery like a trooper. I stayed home with her for two days because she needed to be watched. The pain meds make her loopy and wobbly. At least she timed it well, the second day we had a blizzard!

But she has not been without several ups and downs. You’ve been keeping us on our toes ever since we first brought you home.


We cam home from work on the following Monday to find blood on her neck. Somehow this resourceful houndie contorted her body so she could get her little tree trunk hind leg into the e-collar and scratch at the itchy incision site.

We cleaned her up, put on an antibiotic and I cut up an old t-shirt to make bandages. We wrapped her neck and used a different kind of collar called “Bite-Not” that looks something like a human neck brace. I’m not sure which collar she disliked more…I’d say it was a tie.

Dassi was so happy when she had the staples removed and didn’t have to wear that stupid collar anymore. She seemed to be back to herself.

Ah but that wasn’t all. About a week later she began to mope, she felt warm, she was running a fever. She became listless so we rushed her to the emergency room early in the morning and there she stayed overnight. She apparently had an infection, probably from opening the wound.

They took very good care of her and when we picked her up the next day we learned that she’d won the hearts of everyone there. I’ll bet she batted those beautiful irresistible brown eyes of hers at everyone who came to care for her.

She came home with more meds and edema in her neck. We put warm compresses on the swelling throughout the day and it started to subside. Dassi looked like Dassi again.

She saw the doctor that weekend and we got a good report, whew. But then about a week later she’s in distress again. Breathing heavy, not wanting to eat…not again.

Although neither of us said it then, both my husband and I did the same thing, we assumed the worst. Off to the doctor again. He believes she’s having gastric problems from the meds and put her on Pepcid AC. Who knew?

This last episode was today.

You can imagine as a result I’ve been a wee bit preoccupied lately so my apologies for having gone missing. I’m hoping Dassi will get settled and our lives will follow. Thanks to all who’ve been asking about her, I can’t tell you how much your kind words and concern have meant to me. ((HUGS))


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Sweet Dassi

My sweet baby girl Dassi.  She’ll kiss your face till you laugh so hard you can barely breathe, she’ll curl up in your lap and take a snooze, and she’ll cuddle with you when you’re not feeling well.  She’s way smarter than any other dog I’ve ever known.  She’s tuned in in a way that is really quite remarkable.
She’s full of spit and vinegar.  Opinionated, demanding.  She actually stamps her feet when she wants your attention and she’s not getting it.  She has many “words” and uses them strategically to get what she wants. There’s not a bad bone in her body.
She knows her commands (and even listens on occasion, especially when there is food involved) and  can do some tricks: sit, stay, come, speak, roll over, find-it; put a cookie in front of her, tell her to leave it and she does until you release her.
Dassi and Irene Cuddling

She complains when she knows you are about to clean her ears but endures it.  She runs to sit on top of her mommy (in bed) when her daddy is ready to put her in her crate for the night.  Mommy let me stay.
Dassi is a sweet, affectionate bundle of happiness, joy and love. She wags her tail so intensely her entire tush wiggles along with it; sometimes her tail wags in circles. She looks right up at you with all the love and trust in the world. I love her to pieces.

Dassi Loves Pillows
She is 6 years old and she has cancer.
We thought she was out of the woods.  We’d been here before, a bit over a year ago.
She’s been through so much in her life.  And through it all she’s been a trooper.
Now she needs surgery again to remove a tumor from her neck.  The surgery is tomorrow.  My husband is taking her and I will stay home with her the following day or two.  Neither of us will sleep tonight.  Nor will we sleep tomorrow night.  Despite the pain meds she will be hurting.  And that rips my heart out.

I love you Dassi, be strong my baby and fight!

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I can’t say I much liked 2011 and I’m not sorry to see it go. It started out on an up note but crashed and burned by the end. I’m hoping that 2012 will be an improvement although it’s off to a rocky start.

So much happened in 2011, it was kind of a mixed bag of good and bad but you know how it goes, the bad tends to stick in your mind.

Let’s start with the good: THIS BLOG! Yup I started my blog in February so my one year blogaversary is on the horizon. I’ve learned a lot not only about blogging and the community of bloggers I’ve grown friendly with but also about myself. You see I’m an intensely private person so just the thought of sharing my life in this way was a huge leap of faith for me. I don’t regret a thing.

Through my blog and other social media outlets like Twitter and Google+ I’ve met a host of wonderful people. I can honestly say that although I have not met most of them in person…yet, I count them as friends.

I’ve gotten involved in a few Twitter inspired group activities too. I’ve done all but one two of the #baketogether challenges organized by the amazingly talented Abby Dodge. I’m not really sure which was my favorite but the Fig-Honey Summer Fruit Cake Fig-Honey Glazed Summer Cake and the Pumpkin-Chocolate Swirl Coffee Cake  Pumpkin-Chocolate Coffee Cake are pretty high on my list.

I’ve joined a group of bloggers for a monthly bloghop, each centered around either an ingredient or an item organized by Junia, mis pensamientos. My favorite is absolutely Grandma Bea’s Cookies: Grandma Bea's Cookies

I joined a group of knitters on Twitter, Jaala of @knitcircus, Kate aka @Knitsophrenic, Tanya aka @theindigomuse and Katie aka @Yarn_Love, in a delicious cookie swap…my first ever! The cookies were delicious and the bonus swag was way cool too.

I knitted my first actual garment this past spring, the Chiton Pullover: Chiton Pullover - WIP.
It has a cap-sleeve and a soft cowl neck. It’s knit in the round as one piece (yes, it’s done, sort of. I need to seam it up. Slacker). I also knit my first full-on lace shawl designed by ObliviousKnits who I had the awesome pleasure of meeting at Rhinebeck along with her hubby and super yarn dyer AtKnitsEnd. The shawl is just off the needles and must be blocked. A post on that to follow.

We’ve had a number of not so good moments as well. My father-in-law became very sick this year and was in and out of the hospital for many months. We feared we might lose him way too soon but luckily he was admitted to a study which literally saved his life. We’re all very thankful.

Things tend to pile on and cause quite a bit of stress. While my father-in-law was in the hospital, a feral cat decided to have kittens under our wood pile. Remember these cuties?
Kitty Pile
Well we’ve kept the ginger and black kitties, adopted one out (not pictured) and are looking for a home for the calico little girl. Don’t ask how in the middle of the hot summer we turned our lives upside down so we could bring these four babies out of the hot shed and into our house, in a dog crate and worked to socialize them. My dining room will never be the same.

Painful this one is: our sweet houndie girl Dassi has cancer; Dassi at Mom & Dad's

undifferentiated sarcoma to be exact. She’ll only be five January 12th and it’s just not fair. I don’t know how to explain it but there is something very special, very different about her from any other dog we’ve shared our lives with, even from her doggie mommy Irene who is also a member of our family. She’s tuned in in a way that I cannot put to words; she’s a cuddle bunny, sweet as sugar and an joy beyond belief. She’s had surgery to remove a badly inflamed lymph node and is now being treated with both Western and Eastern techniques in the hope of prolonging her quality life. We’d been down this road before with another dog, Betsy, who had lymphoma. (Despite it’s location this is not the case with Dassi.) That time it went bad quickly…three months. Eerily though, both dogs became ill around Thanksgiving; I don’t like this kind of coincidence. Hopefully Dassi won’t suffer the same fate that Betsy did; I can’t bear it.

Some more personal stressful moments I’m not prepared to share (intensely private, remember?), a hurricane which forced us to have two trees taken down, a couple of funerals later and 2011 is finally over! As Tanya has said, we “kicked 2011 in the taco”!

So you can see there is no love lost for 2011. But, my father-in-law is, thankfully, doing great and in fact we just celebrated his birthday this past weekend (I made an awesome cake, stay tuned for that recipe, yum!). The kittens are quite well adjusted, they are happy and healthy and like to snuggle with both hounds. We’ll be continuing Dassi’s dual treatments for a good part of this year and I’m hopeful for a positive outcome.

Life goes on.

I am looking forward to a lot more knitting, challenging myself with new techniques and types of projects. I see socks in my future and definitely more lace.

I am also looking forward to the upcoming #baketogether challenges and new love bloghop ingredients/topics to experiment with. I need to blog more about savory items…been doing a lot of sweets lately and my butt is suffering.

I also plan to make some significant changes to my blog this year but first I must do my homework. More on that when the time comes.

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