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You know, I really should learn to listen to my instincts.

I tend to be a tight-ish knitter so whenever I start a new pattern I always always do a swatch, (um that is when I do a swatch, yes I know), starting with one needle size larger than what is called for.

Granted I’m not doing sweaters, which I suppose under the circumstances is a good thing, but still for hats it’s kinda important you know.

And yet I still have not learned. And this time I REALLY should have been paying attention because the designer said “it has quite a bit of stretch”. So I REALLY should have done a swatch. Sigh.

Almost A Hat

Truth be told, when I do knit up a swatch it’s usually for something knit flat, not for something in the round. I don’t quite get how to do that.

Anyway, I tried on the hat just before I was ready to do the decreases and it seemed to fit. But something was gnawing at me saying you know, it fits but is it snug enough for a hat…with lace?

Sigh. No, not really.

So here’s my hat:

Unraveled Hat

Guess I’ll be going two needle sizes larger.

NOTE: I still don’t have power, thanks Sandy. I set this post up real quick over lunch at work. Hope it looks okay. I’ve yet to reknit cuz without lights it’s kinda hard.


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This is what happens when you knit over lunch in a crowded cafeteria and someone accidentally bumps your arm:

Citron Debacle

And this is what happens when you try to fix said knitting with a whole lot of M1’s and kfb’s:


On the upside, I didn’t get very far.


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