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Okay so it’s half over and your point?

We had a wee bit of snow.

I finished a few knits…

then “froggie came a courtin'”. 😦

Now I’m thinking about a major blog overhaul.

Stay tuned.


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The real question is what has been on again, off again on my needles. (Grammar fail)

I’ve been in such a knitting rut I’m starting to twitch. It seems that everything I start to knit lately either gets ripped back significantly or frogged all together.
It all started with this hat. A REALLY nice pattern, not difficult, quick, a good knit me in the car kinda thing. The knitter on the other hand, moi, was the problem. When I finally got to the decreases, I realized that I neither had a second 16” US 10 lace needle, nor did I have a longer US 10 lace needle for magic loop. And of all the double points that are collecting dust (me no like) NONE were 10’s. Let me repeat that:

NONE were US 10s!!

The only ones I had were crappy bamboo…BAMBOO! Ich! Though I tried in earnest, the chunky pointed sticky horribleness that is bamboo (my apologies to all you bamboo lovers out there), resulted in me screwing up the top of the hat royally. It’s been sitting ever since. I just couldn’t look at it.

I finally ordered another 16” US 10 lace needle, which arrived recently.

So I’ve taken a break from my knitting to recover. I started knitting the One Row Handspun Scarf pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee since I figure there isn’t much this boneheaded knitter could screw up. Consider this my therapy scarf. LOL

It’s a little more than halfway done. So far, so good:

But what I REALLY want to knit is Cilantro by Amy Swenson. The two skeins of yarn are from the same dye lot but, well you know as these things go, I can clearly see they don’t really match…woo hoo, gonna knit from both at the same time. I think I need an adult beverage.

Given my track record you can see why this has been tabled.

So anyway, I will fix and finish this damn hat when I’m ready and then I will reward myself with Cilantro…I think.

In the meantime I will continue working on my one liner. 😉

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You know, I really should learn to listen to my instincts.

I tend to be a tight-ish knitter so whenever I start a new pattern I always always do a swatch, (um that is when I do a swatch, yes I know), starting with one needle size larger than what is called for.

Granted I’m not doing sweaters, which I suppose under the circumstances is a good thing, but still for hats it’s kinda important you know.

And yet I still have not learned. And this time I REALLY should have been paying attention because the designer said “it has quite a bit of stretch”. So I REALLY should have done a swatch. Sigh.

Almost A Hat

Truth be told, when I do knit up a swatch it’s usually for something knit flat, not for something in the round. I don’t quite get how to do that.

Anyway, I tried on the hat just before I was ready to do the decreases and it seemed to fit. But something was gnawing at me saying you know, it fits but is it snug enough for a hat…with lace?

Sigh. No, not really.

So here’s my hat:

Unraveled Hat

Guess I’ll be going two needle sizes larger.

NOTE: I still don’t have power, thanks Sandy. I set this post up real quick over lunch at work. Hope it looks okay. I’ve yet to reknit cuz without lights it’s kinda hard.

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