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This is what happens when you knit over lunch in a crowded cafeteria and someone accidentally bumps your arm:

Citron Debacle

And this is what happens when you try to fix said knitting with a whole lot of M1’s and kfb’s:


On the upside, I didn’t get very far.



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Today is my husband’s birthday and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love him. There are no words in the English language that can even come close. He holds my heart ever so gently in his warm comforting hands; he knows me like no other, sometimes I think even better than I know myself. He is always there to soothe my oft frazzled nerves, he’s there to lend a helping hand when I need it. He’s my enabler when it comes to my creative pursuits and enjoys (truly) joining me on that journey. He is my rock. He makes me swoon.

I am so incredibly proud of him and in awe of his amazing talents as a musician and an artist; he plays guitar and he builds guitars; he plays banjo (and trust me, you’ve never heard banjo music like this before…no “Beverly Hillbillies” around these parts), he repairs and restores instruments; he draws with both graphite and pixels. He’s been making beautiful music longer than I’ve been on this earth.

We met at work…the second time. I can’t really say that the first time we met we actually saw or spoke to each other but we were in the same place at the same time and as far as I’m concerned it was destiny. You see, when he was in high school he was in a band and among other far warmer places, they played at a local ice skating rink on Long Island. I grew up in Queens but every so often my friends and I would convince our parents to take us to that same rink for several hours of icy fun. I’m several years younger than my husband so we needed a chauffeur. I very clearly remember there being a band and watching them play as we skated. It was an unbelievable moment when we realized that it was his band that played there during that time period so many years ago. See, destiny.

I cannot begin to do his story or his journey justice so the best way I can introduce you to him is by sending you to this wonderful interview!

Do give it a read, oh and there are audio samples too!

Happy birthday honey, I love you with all my beans! XOXO

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