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I know I’m a bit late posting this but here you go…

The weather at the Duchess County Fairgrounds this year was absolutely wonderful.  And by that I mean it actually felt and looked like fall!

Ubiquitous Tree

I think just about everyone takes a picture of this tree and why not, it never fails to amaze. The colors are always stunning.

So lets cut right to the chase:

There was much yarn to be had, although I must say I showed quite a bit of restraint this year. I picked up some yummy yarns from Holiday Yarns, Miss Babs, Lisa Souza (always) and Dragonfly Fibers (first time at Rhinebeck – please come back), I also picked up Laura Nelkin’s latest book, “Knockout Knits”, which she signed for me (yays!), a new gorgeous mug created by Stacey Stanhope and got an unexpected gift from my friend Holly (aka knitterotica) who’s friend makes these awesome pouches. I’ll be checking out her site soon!

Rhinebeck2014 Haul

And of course there are sheep:
Sheep at Rhinebeck

Some like to remain undercover:
Sheep Undercover


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Well it’s a darn good thing I decided to swatch. Here’s the first one:


The pattern calls for a gauge of 21 sts x 25 rows. Guess what? That’s NOT what I got. (pouty face) Sigh.

I used size US8 needles because frankly I’m a bit of a tight knitter and it’s just SOP for me to go up a needle size almost without even thinking about. For the most part this always seems to work…except it didn’t. I guess maybe the designer knits on the tight side too?

In any case, I’m down to size US7 needles, as indicated in the pattern. I’m hoping this will work. I’m a bit concerned that I’ll get stitch gauge and not row gauge or the reverse. Not quite sure how to deal with that.

I just finished the next one using the other color (balance). It needs to go for a swim, then I’ll measure it out and cross all the things!

Wish me luck!


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I will openly admit that I never only on occasion swatch before I knit something. But then again I’ve been doing a lot of shawls and scarves lately so it’s not exactly critical for fit since there really isn’t a fit to consider. Unless of course you consider that one particular hat with all the lacey bit that’s just a wee too big. Nah that never happens, hmm…

So this, my dear readers, is one of the few times when I clearly understand that a swatch is necessary (yes, yes, I know). You know why? No? I’ll tell you.

I am about to begin knitting a real garment. Yup, you heard me, a real honest to goodness garment. So considering I will be using fingering weight yarn I figure the annoyance of having to do a swatch far outweighs the time it will take to complete enough of said garment before I realize it’s too big or too small.

This isn’t the first swatch I’ve done mind you it’s just that without having to worry much about the size of the knitted object I’ve gotten lazy.

My deepest apologies to Clara Parkes for maligning the poor unappreciated swatch. Truly I mean it no disrespect. Sacrilege, bad knitter, I know.

So, what am I knitting? “The Morro Tank” by Grace Akhrem. It was published in “Knitscene Summer 2014” and yes I know it’s mid-August and yes I know I’m not the fastest knitter in town and yes I would like to wear it before the first snow so I am really hoping I have gauge. (I had a little distraction working on a baby gift, shhh) Crossing all the things!

I am using Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the Leaf and Thoreau colorways, respectively.


I purchased the yarn and these awesome buttons from The Knitted Purl in Oyster Bay, New York. A wee bit of a hike for me but such nice people!!!


Oh hey, check out all of the yarn bombing around town.

Gazebo-YarnBomb    ThreeTrees-YarnBomb

Anyway, I’ll measure it up when it’s dry and let ya know if I’m on gauge or I need to work on swatch number two.

To be continued…

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So I decided to embark on a rather daunting task this weekend: photograph and log my stash on Ravelry. Yup, you heard me correctly.

Malabrigo-Lace-500I must be a lunatic, completely crazed or just plain bored.

No actually this is something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while and to tell you the truth, I kinda enjoy this sort of nerdiness. What can I tell you, I like cataloging and organizing things. The only piece that’s bothering me is I can’t remember where I bought every skein of yarn. I know right? What’s wrong with me?! Hmm, I suppose I could go back through my receipts and figure it out. Yea, it’s definitely a sickness.ClassicElite-Ava-500

The only thing I do recall is what I bought at Rhinebeck, cuz you know. Pretty much everything else was purchased online with a smattering purchased locally. Those are usually straight to the needles purchases anyway.

As I do typically, I’m approaching this in a very systematic way: pick a storage location, select a shelf/drawer/box and have at it.

I photographed, edited and posted 14 items over the weekend. Not a lot but hey these things take time. I was surprised to discover that several years ago I had actually logged some of my yarn. MadTosh-MerinoLite-500Who knew? Clearly not yours truly.

I’ve got lots more to go but that’s okay, a little at a time; I’m determined to get this done. So, want to see? Check out my stash page on Ravelry and who knows, I may put some up for sale or trade. Ya never know. 😉

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Brick Walls

Did you ever have one of those days where no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to match the yarn in your stash to a pattern you want to knit?

I chose these three different yarns, fingering/sport, DK and worsted weights. Different quantities as well. I looked thru Ravelry and my books – well skimmed them – and I kept running into the same problems: right weight/wrong quantity; right quantity/wrong weight; right quantity/right weight/wrong color way. (Meaning the pattern wold be better knit with a more subtle yarn).


It took the better part of the day – with the standard dog and laundry interruptions – before I finally stumbled onto something that was right under my nose the entire time: Brickless using Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein. I had the pattern in my favorites but somehow missed it. Or perhaps it was that I was looking for something with lace? In any case it so happens that her sample was knit using Yowza so jackpot.

And look at the size of this frickin’ ball of yarn!

Yarn and Pattern

So onward and forward.

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The real question is what has been on again, off again on my needles. (Grammar fail)

I’ve been in such a knitting rut I’m starting to twitch. It seems that everything I start to knit lately either gets ripped back significantly or frogged all together.
It all started with this hat. A REALLY nice pattern, not difficult, quick, a good knit me in the car kinda thing. The knitter on the other hand, moi, was the problem. When I finally got to the decreases, I realized that I neither had a second 16” US 10 lace needle, nor did I have a longer US 10 lace needle for magic loop. And of all the double points that are collecting dust (me no like) NONE were 10’s. Let me repeat that:

NONE were US 10s!!

The only ones I had were crappy bamboo…BAMBOO! Ich! Though I tried in earnest, the chunky pointed sticky horribleness that is bamboo (my apologies to all you bamboo lovers out there), resulted in me screwing up the top of the hat royally. It’s been sitting ever since. I just couldn’t look at it.

I finally ordered another 16” US 10 lace needle, which arrived recently.

So I’ve taken a break from my knitting to recover. I started knitting the One Row Handspun Scarf pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee since I figure there isn’t much this boneheaded knitter could screw up. Consider this my therapy scarf. LOL

It’s a little more than halfway done. So far, so good:

But what I REALLY want to knit is Cilantro by Amy Swenson. The two skeins of yarn are from the same dye lot but, well you know as these things go, I can clearly see they don’t really match…woo hoo, gonna knit from both at the same time. I think I need an adult beverage.

Given my track record you can see why this has been tabled.

So anyway, I will fix and finish this damn hat when I’m ready and then I will reward myself with Cilantro…I think.

In the meantime I will continue working on my one liner. 😉

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You know, I really should learn to listen to my instincts.

I tend to be a tight-ish knitter so whenever I start a new pattern I always always do a swatch, (um that is when I do a swatch, yes I know), starting with one needle size larger than what is called for.

Granted I’m not doing sweaters, which I suppose under the circumstances is a good thing, but still for hats it’s kinda important you know.

And yet I still have not learned. And this time I REALLY should have been paying attention because the designer said “it has quite a bit of stretch”. So I REALLY should have done a swatch. Sigh.

Almost A Hat

Truth be told, when I do knit up a swatch it’s usually for something knit flat, not for something in the round. I don’t quite get how to do that.

Anyway, I tried on the hat just before I was ready to do the decreases and it seemed to fit. But something was gnawing at me saying you know, it fits but is it snug enough for a hat…with lace?

Sigh. No, not really.

So here’s my hat:

Unraveled Hat

Guess I’ll be going two needle sizes larger.

NOTE: I still don’t have power, thanks Sandy. I set this post up real quick over lunch at work. Hope it looks okay. I’ve yet to reknit cuz without lights it’s kinda hard.

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