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I wasn’t exactly planning on knitting another shawl/scarf/kerchief at the moment but then I needed something for a long car ride. Something that wouldn’t require lots of thought, something that I could easily memorize and something that’s not fiddly.

So Age of Brass and Steam it is.

A wee bit more colorful then the first one huh?
Steam Kerchief

I’ll be honest the yarn I chose freaked me out a bit when I started it but as I kept knitting (encouraged by my enabler aka: husband), I came to really like how the colors are working out.

But I have something else on my plate too. Something that requires actual gauge as in it must fit a real human and I don’t mean flung over the shoulders but that’s another post. 😉

Oh, and I completed my Brickless it just needs blocking. LOVE! I’ll post pix soon.


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SteamValleyFiber A thing of beauty and a yarn weight I don’t often use: sock yarn. I’ve been a very DK, Worsted kinda gal for the most part…‘till now.

I’ve decided it’s high-time I get out of my knitting comfort zone. I need to branch out and learn new techniques, new styles and knit different projects. I like smallish things – hats, scarves, cowls – with some detail but not overly complex (read: no charts). Over the summer I knit a top which definitely fit the bill. It still needs to be seamed and blocked – I often have a weird problem with ending projects but that’s a story for another day – it was my first. I thought that would be the start of a branching out process but it never quite worked out that way.

I’m the kind of person who always likes to learn new things and to understand how things work, so I’ve decided to challenge myself: I am going to knit a lace shawl. After asking around on Twitter for suggestions, of which I got many (several have been added to my Ravelry favorites), I have decided to knit Boleyn by ObliviousKnits. It’s a full-on lace piece that starts from the neck down so I can control how long it is. I’m also going to learn how to read a chart (it has both written and charted instructions but I’m not cheating…much) and to do a new bind-off.

So after a bit of a false-start (totally user-error) and some guidance from the designer, (thanks Deborah!) I’m on my way. I got all of chart-A done as well five passes of chart-B (the pic below shows almost five). Here’s what it looks like so far:

Boleyn Shawl WIP

I’m knitting it with Steam Valley Fiber Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in the Drumbeat colorway and using my new Signature needles that I got at Rhinebeck this year. The pattern requires two needle sizes so darn (snicker) I’ll have to order another pair!

I’m having a lot of fun working on this project. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Hey I just realized I need to order a blocking before I finish knitting (I just got the wires). Better go do that, bye for now!

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