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Well it’s a darn good thing I decided to swatch. Here’s the first one:


The pattern calls for a gauge of 21 sts x 25 rows. Guess what? That’s NOT what I got. (pouty face) Sigh.

I used size US8 needles because frankly I’m a bit of a tight knitter and it’s just SOP for me to go up a needle size almost without even thinking about. For the most part this always seems to work…except it didn’t. I guess maybe the designer knits on the tight side too?

In any case, I’m down to size US7 needles, as indicated in the pattern. I’m hoping this will work. I’m a bit concerned that I’ll get stitch gauge and not row gauge or the reverse. Not quite sure how to deal with that.

I just finished the next one using the other color (balance). It needs to go for a swim, then I’ll measure it out and cross all the things!

Wish me luck!



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The thing about gauge is I’ve not really paid as much attention as perhaps I should have, but I always figured that since I knit mostly scarves, cowls, shawls and hats that it wasn’t that critical.  Okay, okay, it kinda is for hats but I’ve mostly fudged that too and with only one exception I’d say I’ve done pretty darn well.  The exception being this funky hat/cowl which, if I wear it as an actual hat, appears to be about to swallow my head.  I’ll knit another because I like it, but that’s a different post.

I’m aware that my knitting tends more toward the tight end of the spectrum but really its not caused me too much trouble thus far, the aforementioned item not withstanding, and since I have mostly used the yarn called for in the pattern I figured hey, why bother (no lightening bolts please!).  So anyway, since I’m working, or trying to, on my first garment (see my last post) I figured it was high time I do an honest to goodness swatch.  Little did I know…

The pattern gauge is 22 stitches and 31 rows for a 4 inch square in stockinette stitch on US 5 needles.  What I got was 24 stitches and 32 rows.  Hmm, I tried blocking my swatch to see if there was a change: nope.  Okay, no problem right, I’ll just go up a needle size.  So I switched to US 6 needles and, well, I cheated a bit.  I didn’t quite finish my swatch…I needed to know…I knit about 20 rows and, um, the stitch count was the same.  Huh?  The heck with this I’ve ripped it out and cast on to US 7. Fingers crossed.  The yarn gauge says 22-26 stitches equals 4 inches on US 4-6 so I hope the 7’s are okay.  I’ll finish this swatch…promise cuz one size over should be okay, no?

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