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Brick Walls

Did you ever have one of those days where no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to match the yarn in your stash to a pattern you want to knit?

I chose these three different yarns, fingering/sport, DK and worsted weights. Different quantities as well. I looked thru Ravelry and my books – well skimmed them – and I kept running into the same problems: right weight/wrong quantity; right quantity/wrong weight; right quantity/right weight/wrong color way. (Meaning the pattern wold be better knit with a more subtle yarn).


It took the better part of the day – with the standard dog and laundry interruptions – before I finally stumbled onto something that was right under my nose the entire time: Brickless using Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein. I had the pattern in my favorites but somehow missed it. Or perhaps it was that I was looking for something with lace? In any case it so happens that her sample was knit using Yowza so jackpot.

And look at the size of this frickin’ ball of yarn!

Yarn and Pattern

So onward and forward.


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I’m in the home stretch! ALMOST done with the Giggles Baby Blanket I am making for a co-worker.

Only about 4 more pattern repeats to go. That’s 32 rows…like I said, only 4 more repeats to go!

I should be able to get this done over the weekend…Monday the latest. Then it’s off to blocking (yea) and weaving in ends (oy)!

Which reminds me, I need to decide on my next project. Hmmm…

Anyway I thought I might give you a little heads-up on something fun that will be coming your way when I finish the blanket: a GIVEAWAY!

Woo Hoo!

I’ll post the details on my blog when I complete Giggles which should be very soon. You don’t want to miss this, the pattern is wonderful! I like it so much I may make one as a lap blanket for myself. LOL

So stay tuned!

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I know, I know I haven’t posted much knitting lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been, believe me I sure have.
Giggle Blanket Cast-OnA few weeks ago I cast on a gift for a co-worker who is having her first child in October. It’s a wonderful pattern by Kate Lemmers, aka knitsophrenic called Giggles Baby Blanket.

I am having such a good time knitting it, if you want a beautiful fun to knit baby blanket I highly recommend this one. Go on, add it to your Ravelry and/or Craftsy queue, you never know.

So the woman I’m knitting Giggles for is one of those people you just can’t help but like. I’ve had this pattern in my library for a while now, waiting for just the right pregnancy announcement (There’s been a bit of a baby bonanza around my office lately…I watch where I sit.) She’s it. However, the fact that she her husband doesn’t want to know the sex of their baby until it’s born almost drove me to drink more. I couldn’t bear the thought of knitting another green or yellow thing, only because I’ve done several projects in those colors recently so I asked for some advice on Twitter about gender-neutral (excluding beige or white) alternatives. Giggles5Repeats
I got great ideas from some uber- talented knitters including Samurai Knitter, Knitsophrenic (she didn’t even know what I was knitting yet, snicker), polkadotsandsun, Johanna_Lynn, Anneduffin and Manos Yarn. I love the suggestion of knitting rich colors for a baby and so I finally settled on purple.

Sigh. I selected a couple of possibilities in that color space and wouldn’t you guess it, I could not find them ANYWHERE!

I tweeted out my frustration and don’t you know Twitter once again came to my rescue. Actually, it was Katie aka @polkadotsandsun who rescued me. She was nice enough to go to her LYS and check on the yarn for me. They had it and she personally shipped it to me. Katie and I have never met. How incredibly sweet was that!? Giggles Blanket Yarn It’s Cascade 220 Superwash Heather in 1947 colorway. It’s a nice rich heather purple. Who would have thought this would be difficult to find, go figure.

I’ve done ten repeats of the pattern so far. Look how pretty! Giggles 10 Repeats

I had some concerns about using non-natural fibers for babies, despite the fact that so many so-called baby yarns contain them. And this is especially true for objects that the little one may sleep in/on/with. I got advice on that from many of the same twitter friends too! So you’d think Choosing Cascade 220 woulda made it an easy find, HA!

Hey, have you noticed how many knitters there are named Kate, Katie, Kathy, Katherine? A lot!

Anyway, I’ll be posting my progress on my Ravelry page and will definitely blog the final photo when it’s done.

Ya know, I think this social media thing is gonna catch on! 🙂

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Ribbed Sock Beginnings

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Yea, I finally made it to the “divide for armholes and shape sleeves portion” of the Chiton Pullover! Happy day! As I’ve said before, this is my first real garment so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I got to this point, having not done this before, but really it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it might be…so far. As I often do, I over-analyzed.

Chiton Pullover Divided Sections

That’s not to say this project has been without mistakes. I did run into a little snag along the way which my mother-in-law was able to expertly help me fix. Actually, I watched and she fixed it so I wouldn’t have to rip out a bunch of stitches. Somehow I knit when I should have purled or purled when I should have knit. Not sure which. Doesn’t really matter, it was wrong either way. What she did had me sitting there amazed: she turned a purl into a knit! This was huge! Okay so for all you experienced knitters out there this is no biggie but for me, it was like magic. I sooo need to practice this maneuver, I’m telling you it is SUCH an important thing to understand. It will take some practice for sure but when I’ve got it down I’ll blog about it.

Anyway, someone asked about this section of the pattern but I hadn’t actually gotten there at the time. Since I read the pattern through I had a basic understanding of what the instructions were saying so I answered as best as I could. Now that I’m there, and since you may have similar questions I thought I’d try to explain the “divide” section.

Up until now you have been knitting in the round. But in order to turn what has essentially been a tube into an actual garment, you need to create openings for your arms; fits better that way…trust me. You do this by dividing the garment into two sections, a front and a back. It’s really quite simple.To do this you will slip a group of stitches, in this case for the back, onto a holder (mine looks something like a giant not so safe safety pin) and then you will knit only the live stitches, for the front, still on the needles. You skip the back stitches by knitting back and forth instead of in the round. See, easy.

Chiton Pullover StitchHolder

You will also have to add stitches to each side by using the backward loop method. Very simple, but has a tendency to be tight. You can find a great video here.

So now you will be knitting one row and purling one row, except where you need to knit garter stitch; then you will knit regardless of whether you are on a knit or purl row. Follow?

Chiton Pullover One Sleeve Section Divided

What I think may have been a bit confusing was the two sections that say “at the same time”. The designer, Neoknits, did say to read this section in its entirety before proceeding and you should DEFINITELY do so. If you do it’s not so difficult.

In the first “at the same time” section you are working on creating (shaping) the cowl and shoulders. Not difficult but you need to take care as you shift the stitch markers. Make sure you have extra!

The second time you will be binding off stitches for the shoulders; which I’ve not done yet but have analyzed, ad nauseum. You will start doing this after working either 56 or 64 stitches, depending on the size you are making, from the beginning of the cowl shaping, which began with Increase Row 1. Now you just need to count your rows or track them so you know when you get to the 56th or 64th row.

I of course made a table identifying where each BO would occur. Yup, my inner nerd is shining through. Anyway, here’s what it looks like to date:

Chiton Pullover - WIP
No, I’ve not woven in my ends yet, I’ll do that later. More updates to come!

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I know I know, I’ve been a bit distracted from knitting. Hard to believe but for a good reason, I’ve been following and blogging about one of my other favorite creative outlets, cooking.

Anyway I am back to work on my Chiton Pullover, yea! I’ve finished the belt, picked up a bunch of stitches and began working on the body of the garment. At this point I’m somewhere between the second and third increase rounds. It’s coming along well and I can only hope that when its all done it actually fits!

I try to have one project on my needles that will teach me something new and this one is it. So far I’ve learned to pick up stitches along a side edge and that doing a M1 (make 1 increase) the second stitch in can be a challenge, though I don’t know why. Maybe slipping the first stitch or knitting the last stitch TBL (through the back loop) on the belt has something to do with it? If anybody has an idea I’d love to hear from you!

So this is what it looks like so far:


More to come…

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